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Introducing the AtZone app

With more and more people training from their home gym, finding a fitness app that can support you in reaching your goals is extremely important.

This is why we love the AtZone fitness app that pairs with the folding treadmill Horizon TR5 home treadmill

AtZone ensures that fitness is fun, keeps you motivated and engaged and is a great value add to the Horizon TR5 treadmill

AtZone will provide you with the following features:

  • Virtual Active: Showcasing real routes from across the globe (The perfect boredom buster for your home treadmill workout)
  • Sprint 8: One of the best HIIT programs and it only takes 20-minutes to complete! Sprint8 caters to various fitness levels and runners are encouraged to perform 3 sessions x week. This program has been proven to assist with up to 27% body fat loss over an 8-week period. Best part? The home folding treadmill adjusts the speed and incline automatically for you depending on the fitness level selected, it’s like having your own personal trainer at home.
  • Workout History: Easily view your workout history from a week, month or year ago and see how your performance has improved.

Already have the TR5 home folding treadmill? Great! Let’s get you connected.

How to get started? Simply download the AtZone app from your relevant playstore:

• Search ‘atzone” in app store

• Do not use the @ sign or a space when searching

• Download the app

• Register a profile on at Zone with your e-mail address and selected password

View below video on how to connect your Horizon equipment (TR5) to the AtZone app:

Treadmill home workout app